What do I get with the Txt4Info service?

Simple flexible uncomplicated and great value pricing options for mobile marketing.

You choose a one-off setup price with NO ongoing monthly fee.

  • Huge saving of your time we do it for you!
  • One offer completely set-up by us within 24-48 hours*
  • 2 - 10 KEYWORDS included
  • Email completely built for you (if required)
  • Self service real time reporting login
  • Secure PCI compliant security
  • Downloadable CSV file Contacts database
  • Vodafone, 2degrees and Telecom accredited partner
  • Kiwi Owned

Please select the plan type that suits you

3 Month Campaign, 6 keywords, $895, $299 per month 6 Month Campaign, 10 keywords, $1295, $226 per month 12 Month Campaign, 10 keywords, $1495, $125 per month

*Dependant on copy and design requirements of client

The service includes detailed reports that show overall response to your advertisements, breakdowns by keyword (if you’d like to test creative or media by applying different keywords to different executions) and tracking of emails sent (opens, click-throughs, forwarding and replies). All designed to give you the information you need to make the most of every advertising dollar.

For more benefits and reasons to use Txt4Info mobile marketing, please see our FAQ’s or get more info from us now!

The technology behind Txt4Info

Txt4Info is a service of Touchpoint Group Limited a leading New Zealand and Australian provider of multi-channel marketing systems. Touchpoint has developed its expertise delivering integrated marketing solutions for txt, email, mail, customer experience solutions for Australasia’s biggest companies and advertising agencies.

That expertise has created Txt4Info to give you an additional marketing tool that’s instant and accountable. Txt4Info can easily integrate with Touchpoint’s services or your existing marketing channels to generate better advertising response than ever before.

For more information on Touchpoint, visit www.touchpointgroup.com