Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most-asked questions and answers about Txt4Info mobile marketing

What is Txt4Info mobile marketing?

Txt4Info is a quick, simple service that enables consumers to easily request information about your products or services directly from your advertising.

Why should I use Txt4Info?
  • Low-cost media spend
  • Enables customers to obtain further information
  • It works with existing advertising, websites and product collateral or packaging
  • Tracks responses to above-the-line advertising
  • Facilitates word-of-mouth through forwarded emails and txt messages
  • When combined with a permission opt in campaign, Txt4Info enables you to cost-effectively build permission databases from traditional media
What do I need in order to use Txt4Info?
  • Above-the-line advertising, retail signage or product packaging
  • Internet access for viewing of reports
  • One or more keywords associated with an offer
How is Txt4Info commonly used by advertisers?
  • To send consumers information by email
  • To send consumers brochures, catalogues and application forms
  • To send consumers coupons or special offer vouchers
  • To drive traffic to websites and online stores
  • As a direct response mechanism
  • For promotions as a sweepstake entry mechanism
What forms of media does Txt4Info work best with?
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Outdoor - billboards, posters, buses
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Social
  • Direct mail
  • Product packaging
  • Retail - posters, signage
Can we use Txt4Info to talk to customers directly?

Yes. As long as you explicitly state in your advertising that you will call a customer back, e.g. call back.

Is Txt4Info secure?

We take security very seriously. Customer information is protected by 128-bit encryption, which is the same encryption used in online banking.

What’s Txt4Info’s set up time?

The standard service with txt and email support can be set up within 2-4 days depending on complexity.

What reporting does Txt4Info provide?

Real time reports show overall response to an advertisement, breakdown by keyword/media, and tracking of emails sent (opens, click-throughs, forwarding, replies).

Does Txt4Info show me most successful advertising?

By assigning different keywords for different media and creative combinations for the same offer, you can track response by media and creative to see which is most effective.

Can I build my own customer database with Txt4info?
  • Put a subscription option/link into your response email that links to your website subscription form.
  • Alternatively you can place an opt in call to action directly in your advertising. For example: To subscribe to our email newsletter, txt the keyword XXXX and your email address to 515.
Can I login to Txt4info see my campaign live?

Yes. The Txt4Info management console is a self service web based product and lets you manage offers, keywords, response emails and enables you to view reports once setup.

What support is offered?

Our Customer Service Desk help desk is available during business hours. Email or call 0800 800 324

Can I use my own brand shortcode with Txt4Info?

Yes, or we can also provide you with your own shortcode for your exclusive use.

Does Txt4Info provide any other marketing or advertising services for Mobile or Email?

Txt4Info is service provided by Touchpoint Group Limited Touchpoint provides products and services for mobile, email, web and database marketing that integrate with Txt4Info

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